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Jennifer Rees Larcombe

Who We Are

Beauty from Ashes is a charity supporting the work of Jennifer Rees Larcombe.

Its aim is to encourage people whose lives have been distorted or broken through loss and trauma towards faith in, and dependence on, Christ.

Jennifer and her colleagues are profoundly convinced that God mends bruised and broken lives today and they are committed to being vessels that He uses in His work of restoration.

The name comes from a passage in the book of Isaiah, where God speaks of hope and restoration for His trusting people. The Beauty from Ashes team believes that these promises are just as relevant today to those whose lives have been twisted or torn by adversity.

What we do

For an overview of our ministry, please see the ministry page.

Prayer Support

There is a group that intercedes for prayer requests received, telephone prayer chains, and a weekly prayer bulletin that is dispatched every Wednesday to a team of committed intercessors. For more information please see the support page.

Kentish Garden

Where we are

The team base is a home - a bungalow with extensive gardens in quiet countryside in the heart of Kent in the South East of England.

Beauty from Ashes offers private appointments for prayer.


The team

Jennifer Rees Larcombe has a fruitful and long-established prayer, healing, speaking and writing ministry. After becoming seriously ill in 1982 with a virus that confined her with constant pain to a wheelchair for eight years, she was healed through the prayer of a new Christian at a meeting at which she was speaking. She has also experienced a broken marriage. Since then the Lord has focused her ministry on helping people adjust to pain, loss and trauma.

She works in association with Carol Bostock. Jennifer Rees Larcombe writes…

“Carol has had years of experience with public speaking and large presentations during her years as Director of HR for a global company; she is also a trained counsellor and has been through bible college. Two years ago she gave up her career because she wanted to use her gifts and experience in the Lord’s service. Since she came to share the work of Beauty From Ashes with me she has spoken in many venues throughout the country at conferences and Women’s events. She has a huge prophetic anointing and a lovely way of opening up the scriptures.”

Carol and JenCarol, writes....

“I have struggled with childlessness, shame, low self worth and chronic morbid obesity all my life – at my heaviest I weighed 26 stone. I first came to Beauty from Ashes some seven years ago but then ran away from God, BFA, Church and more or less everyone else when I thought I was failing to ‘live up’ to other people’s expectations and maintain weight loss. Such visible failure is very, very painful.   
I consider myself incredibly privileged to spend my life at Beauty from Ashes praying with the lost, the broken, the wounded and the damaged. I am passionate about Jesus’ longing to heal the broken-hearted. I had lost all hope when the Lord used BFA to give me back my life and thereby my relationship with Him. I am on a journey towards healing – not the finished product yet – “but I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed to Him…”.  
As well as the prayer ministry I love to speak at conferences, retreats and womens events as well as preach in churches and to share and write about ‘All the wonderful works of the Lord.’

They are supported by a large prayer ministry team of over thirty people who work at Beauty From Ashes. They have all experienced major loss and bereavement, but have survived and long to share with others the comfort they themselves received. They have all undergone training but their greatest qualification is that they know from experience what grief feels like!

Our Friends

Marilyn Baker Ministries

Council of reference


  • Mrs. Fiona Castle
  • Roger Forster and Mrs. Faith Forster
  • The Marchioness of Reading
  • J. John and Mrs. Killy John
  • Mrs. Gillian Warren
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