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Our Ministry

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Prayer Ministry Appointments
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Our Ministry

Jen has an extensive ministry through writing, and with her co-worker Carol Bostock, conference speaking and leading Healing Retreats.

Most months of the year Jen and Carol run a healing retreat in various venues round the country. These breaks are designed to give people the chance to step away from everyday business in order to see their lives from a distance and to find God’s healing and perspective.

Jen also feels God has asked her to use her home as a House of Prayer where people can find peace and sanctuary. They are welcome to visit Jen’s home for prayer and counseling appointments most days of the week but always, and only, by prior appointment.

Other Ministry Activities

Additionally, she and her team undertake:

  • Retreats and Quiet Days
  • Church guest services
  • Healing services
  • Conferences and teaching days

Counseling for Gambling Addiction

Jen`s son, Justyn Rees Larcombe has a wonderful testimony of being set free from a major gambling addiction. He has a heart to minister to others with similar problems and to pray with them at the point of their need. You can make an appointment with Justyn, or arrange a speaking engagement for him through the Beauty from Ashes office.

Our ministry embraces:

  • Prayer
  • Christian healing
  • A healing exploration of deep trauma from the past that may be impacting life in the present
  • Support with relationships that are stressed or in conflict
  • Teaching on adjusting to loss
  • Teaching on handling difficult emotions
  • Healing from past experiences
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